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AOSG is a proud supporter of Destiny Rescue, a local Sunshine Coast but internationally recognised charity non profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade in South East Asia. Their vision is to rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and be a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

They currently operate various programs in Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and India and have offices in three donor nations: United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2011, they have rescued nearly 2000 children enslaved around the world, helped keep hundreds more from entering the sex trade through their various prevention programs, ensured justice for those who have been wronged, and raised awareness to untold numbers. And they will continue to expand to reach even more children in the days ahead! 

Travel Safe Campaign

With sporadic acts of terrorism on the rise, it's not always possible to predict where the next incident is going to occur; however you can take measures to minimise the risks to yourself when travelling by planning ahead, having some local knowledge of your destination and arming yourself with skills acquired through training.  As part of our Travel Safe Campaign, we have provided a list of very useful sites for you to visit when you're planning your next overseas trip.  


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