AOSG Partners and Affiliates

We would like to acknowledge and thank our affiliate companies, partners and sponsors who support us in providing exemplary investigations, training and security services to our valued clients worldwide. 
AOSG's vision is to provide security, training and investigation solutions to individuals, businesses and government bodies whilst maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and ethical practices.

AOSG is a consortium of highly specialised companies whose focus is to provide specialist investigations, surveillance, security, security training, medical training, cyber security and UAV operations across all sectors and industry in Australia and overseas

Our Capabilities

  • Proven Australian investigation and security company with global reach

  • Nationally accredited first aid training taught Australia wide.

  • NAEMT accredited TCCC/TECC training taught Australia wide

  • Provision of trauma response equipment suitable for all sectors

  • Trauma at heights training taught Australia wide

  • Accredited security and firearms courses available Australia wide

  • Nationally delivered security and vulnerability testing of business systems

  • Manage information and physical security risks with specialisations including auditing assessments of ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 9001

Our Partners and Affiliates

AOSG affiliate Foresight Tactical
AOSG affiliate Soter International
AOSG affiliate Code Red defensive tactics training
AOSG affiliate driver training team drive squad
AOSG affiliate Asset training college
AOSG affiliate to freney first aid
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Red Door logo v2.png
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Green Door web.jpg
AOSG affiliate security guard company QSEC
AOSG affiliate to Middle East Private Investigation and risk managment company Dubai AAC
AOSG affiliate India Investigation company grevesgroup
AOSG affiliate UK private investigation firm DPM Facts
AOSG affiliate Hong Kong private investigations Veriton Asia
AOSG affiliate Canada and Alaska investigation company Northwood and Associates
AOSG affiliate UAV drone Australia Overall
AOSG affiliate Eastern Europe Investigation and Security
AOSG affiliate to South East Asia Private Investigations
AOSG affiliate japan private investigation company
AOSG membership to World Association of Detectives
AOSG affiliate to New Zealand Private Investigation Company
AOSG affiliate UK security and risk management company Conflict International
AOSG affiliate to Pakistan Private Investigation company The Sharp Investigators