Welcome to our Australian operations profile page.  Our people are dedicated to the security industry and have years of experience and knowledge in the law enforcement, military, security and investigations sectors to offer our clients.

Managing Director 
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Our director Mr MacLennan has spent over 18 years working within the Australian law enforcement community as a police officer with the Queensland Police Service and an armed boarding officer with the Australian Customs Marine Unit.  He formed Alternative Options Security Group on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland providing services to clients within Australia and overseas.  With his continued passion for the security industry and strong desire to foster the ongoing protection of all communities, he expanded his business operations to form the whole of service security provider, the Alternative Options Security Group.


The Alternative Options Security Group (AOSG) was formed because he realised that no single security company could provide their clients complete security solutions without diluting and risking the quality of their standards and services to the level he wishes to provide.  His belief is the only way to guarantee clients an exemplary service, is to collaborate with existing specialist companies whose sole focus is on the growth of their company and the quality of their particular services.  With this strategy in mind, Mr MacLennan continues to strive to cater for the needs of all clients equally whether they are individuals, corporations or government agencies.

Business Manager
Sunshine Coast Security Business



Having a passion for efficient systems and detailed analysis and how they in themselves can improve the operations of a business, Ms HARTMANN comes to AOSG with previous experience in a variety of Auditing roles within a wide range of industries, Business Systems Analysis, Customer Service and Travel Insurance Claims Investigations processing.  She has worked for many years delivering high quality Customer Service and developing long standing effective Business Relationships.  Ms HARTMANN's aim is to continue developing her skills and knowledge and further develop quality Customer Relations within the AOSG Management Team. 


Ms HARTMANN has always been hard working, enthusiastic, and always promotes a ‘can do’ attitude.  Highly valuing integrity, honesty and accuracy, Michelle now focuses her attention within AOSG towards a variety of investigative modalities such as Insurance Claims Investigations, Skip Tracing, Factual Investigations; nationally and internationally.


Ms HARTMANN is looking forward to connecting with you, so please drop us a line and if your enquiry relates to the business model of AOSG, we as a team will do all we can to assist you.  We understand at AOSG that no single approach could be the right approach, so with our diversity of skills, we hope to find you the right solution from a variety of great ideas and Business Solutions.

Security Guard Services

Mr ELLIS has worked in the security industry for over 15 years and has run our affiliate company Absolute Security and Private Investigations Pty Ltd for the last 10 years. Mr ELLIS holds diplomas in Business Management as well as Security and Risk Management. Over the years he has provided security guard services to Sunshine Coast individuals, corporations,  local government as well as military hardware escorts for the United States military on training operations in Australia. He is a dedicated supporter of the local community and specialises in large event security operations. His continued dedication to the security industry and tireless work ethic makes him an asset to the Alternative Options Security Group and our clientele.



Investigation Services
Alternatve Options Security Group - Australian Investigations



Mr HALPIN is an accomplished professional investigator with a specific focus on cyber-intelligence and related technologies.  He is the director of Cybertrace, the Alternative Options Security Group's affiliated skip tracing and investigation company which performs Australia wide investigations  on behalf of AOSG and our clients.


Dan is a former ASIO Officer (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) which is Australia's domestic spy agency, a former Police Officer for the New South Wales (NSW) Police Force and Queensland Police Service (QPS), as well as a former consultant Advisor to the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet (PM&C).

During Mr HALPIN's service as a Police Officer he was seconded to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the NSW Crime Commission and was trained as a counter terrorism intelligence officer for the elite Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT), Sydney. Furthermore, Dan received training in various forms of covert operations by several Australian and international jurisdictions; including ASIO and the U.S Departments of Defense and State.



Mr COLLIER is a former serving member of the Australian Defence Force, Queensland Police Service and Australian Federal Police, specialising in special operations and tactical intelligence within the Counter-Terrorism portfolio for over 20 years.


While managing the AFPs tactical intelligence capability, Mr COLLIER was the organisations representative to the National Counter-Terrorism Council for tactical intelligence. Peter’s extensive experience with government includes the management and resolution of critical incidents, the execution of high risk operations domestically and internationally, coordinating the response to national security threats, natural disasters &civil aviation disasters; development and delivery of strategic and tactical intelligence product for clients in government and the Australian Intelligence Community, production of state and commonwealth critical infrastructure threat assessments, and the delivery of training in emergency response and critical incident management for both state and national counter-terrorism exercises.

Since entering the private sector, Mr COLLIER has been employed in senior business leadership roles domestically and internationally managing multinational teams in both an operational and commercial capacity. He has a demonstrated ability to envisage, implement and achieve innovative management frameworks and has a stable of resources across security, HSE, risk, governance and assurance for complex operations across various sectors including retail, commercial, Oil & Gas, construction and commercial development; leading the management of change to ensure business resilience and continuity while delivering high level outcomes at both the strategic and operational levels. Mr COLLIER possesses extensive experience cultivating working relationships with business leaders, government officials and industry professionals to establish collaboration and drive strategy for the proactive management of risks across diverse organisational environments.

Key Skills

  • Superior understanding of governing regulatory agency functions

  • Comprehensive knowledge of governing Legislation, Standards and Codes of Practice

  • Program manage transnational and multinational business operations

  • Advanced oral and written communication and negotiation skills

  • Cultivate relationships with key internal and external stakeholders leading the organisation on risk management strategies

  • Create business specific frameworks to enhance effectiveness in performance

  • Drive the implementation, monitoring and review of governing policy and procedure for commercial, security, risk, compliance and assurance at the organisational level

  • Extensive forensic investigation experience

  • Strong deductive reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills in respect to risk and knowledge management systems

  • Manage strategic and operational risk intelligence functions

Risk Management Services


New South Wales

Mr APPS is a risk consultant for the Alternative Options Security Group.  He is an executive level security and safety management professional, with an international profile in crisis and contingency management planning, investigations and close protection. 


He has significant experience in the Middle East and Asia Pacific areas and has designed crisis and security plans for large international corporations and government organisations. With previous backgrounds in the Australian Commandos, British SAS and Australian Federal Police, his acquired knowledge and skills have led to private sector work overseas with his most recent posting in Afghanistan as the head of diplomatic security and project manager for the Australian Embassy.

He has extensive experience in managing multi- million dollar contracts providing security services to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australian Embassy Afghanistan including overseeing the Close Protection for the Prime Minister's visit.  Prior to this he was Head of Security, on a short term contract for the NSW Government in the Department of Premier and Cabinet responsible for overseeing the implementation of Security Policies and Procedures for the relocation the Premiers Department as well as ensuring the safety and security of its personnel.  


A précis of his personal most previous risk management and consulting roles reads as follows:

  • Head of Diplomatic Security- Australian Embassy Kabul 2015-16

  • Head of Security NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

  • Designed and implemented Crisis, Safety and Security policies and procedures for Hazardous and Hostile areas for Nine Entertainment Company, as well as train their staff for deployment to these areas.

  • Conducted security reviews Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan for Thomson Reuters (2011-Present)

  • Conduct Hostile Environment courses for journalists in Iraq 2014 for Thomson Reuters

  • Managed Anti Piracy Operations, Gulf of Aden (2009)

Cyber Security Expert



Mr KERNICK is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of CQR.  CQR is an Australian provider of global and domestic information security services working in collaboration with the Alternative Options Security Group to provide expert assessments, business risk analysis, information and cyber security solutions for our clients.

Mr KERNICK has over 20 years experience in information security.  Phil’s qualifications include a BEng, Bsc (Hons), CISSP and he is Commonwealth Government security cleared to NV2. 


Mr KERNICK is CQR’s lead certified IRAP assessor and has broad industry experience across government, defence and commercial sectors. 

Mr KERNICK is also an expert witness on cyber security involving both criminal, civil and administrative cases as well as corporate investigations.

Security and Hostile Environment Training



Mr MCAULEY has been a Trainer and Assessor in the VET sector for over 20 years and has experience in a broad cross section of industries, particularly in the domestic and international security industries.  He is the director of Talon Education and Training and Swat International.  Both are high end security training organisations affiliated with the Alternative Options Security Group to provide training at facilities in Brisbane and the Gold Coast .

Mr MCAULEY's long-term vision has always been to build relationships with highly skilled, like minded, professional, individuals who share his desire to deliver training, that goes above and beyond the usual mundane forms that cover the bare minimum.

The vision is to bring the team at TALON Education and Training together to share their experience, skills and knowledge, to pass on and improve the skill sets of individuals working in these specific chosen fields.

TALON, also offers training for those in the international and domestic security industry, as well as law enforcement and military professionals,opportunities to maintain and improve their skills and gain the recognised qualifications.

Security and Business Training



Mr COSTELLO has worked in the VET Sector since 2004 across many different fields with particular focus on Security, Safety, Risk Management and Leadership.


Mr COSTELLO founded Asset Training Australia in 2006 initially working in partnership with other RTO’s and then gaining initial RTO registration in 2008. Asset Training Australia now delivers over 70 qualifications Australia wide and engages several partners in their fields of expertise.

Prior to this business, Mr COSTELLO worked as an Operations Manager and Business Development Manager in the Security Industry.


He is also a former Infantry Soldier in the Australian Army and has worked as a volunteer with various youth development programs over the past 15 years.

Mr COSTELLO has been involved in advisory groups with departments such as QLD Police and QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads with a goal of ensuring that industry licensing requirements and licensed training programs meet industry needs.

Mr COSTELLO holds post-graduate qualifications in Management, Adult Learning and Community Services. He is currently undertaking the final project for a Masters of Business Administration.

Precision Shooting and Hostile Environment Training



Mr KINGSTON is one of our Hostile Environment and precision shooting specialist trainers and also one of the directors of our affiliated company Foresight Tactical. Also working alongside Mr KINGSTON at Foresight Tactical is Mr LLOYD and Mr DAVIES. Both Mr LLOYD and Mr DAVIES have distinguished careers within the law enforcement and military special operations community respectively.

Mr KINGSTON served with the Australian Army for 16 years.  After an initial period of service as an Electronic Technician, he transferred and became a Physical Training Instructor (PTI), serving as an Adventure Training Leader and a unit PTI for an Australian commando company. Mr KINGSTON decided he needed a more challenging role and subsequently completed Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) selection.


He spent the next 6 years in the SASR commencing as a water operator but transferring to a free fall troop where he served as a sniper supervisor and patrol signaller. During his time with SASR, Mr KINGSTON gained valuable experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and the Solomon Islands.


After leaving the army Mr KINGSTON worked in various management roles in the corporate sector gaining additional experience in South Africa, USA, Saudi Arabia, China and Nigeria before taking up a position as an Operational Safety Trainer, teaching firearms and defensive tactics for an Australian Government agency. 



Mr HOLTEN is a current serving paramedic in NSW, with 23 years of experience in the pre-hospital care industry.  He is also the director of Freney Trauma Management Training, the Alternative Options Security Group’s medical training team.


Our trainers have multiple years of experience, working in pre-hospital care environments and understand the need for efficiency when delivering assistance to those in need.


We specialise in group learning, which is engaging, active and designed to instill confidence and the ability to administer pre-hospital care assistance when required in varying environments ranging from domestic incidents through to actively hostile situations.


Clientele range from school children through to members of the public, power industry staff, miners, medical professionals, security professionals, members of government agencies and the armed forces.


Mr HOLTEN is passionate about teaching people who want to learn correct, up to date, efficient first aid techniques that can be properly implemented and is a valuable asset to our team.