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Close Personal Protection Courses

Close Personal Protection is a highly sought after specialisation within the private security industry. An accreditation and certification from a reputable security company can make all the difference when it comes to future employment within the highly competitive world of Close Personal Protection.


Completing a two day bodyguard course is just not enough to be competitive in today’s market.  AOSG in association with our training partners provides an intensive Close Personal Protection (Bodyguard) and Protection Security Detail course alongside an intensive Advanced Trauma Management and Tactical Combat Casualty Care course to ensure our students are skilled and qualified enough to compete for those valued positions within the security industry in Australia or overseas.

Why is our course different from the rest?

In Australia, if you hold the Certificate II in Security qualification, then all you need to do to become a licensed bodyguard is to complete a two day bodyguard course to meet the minimum licensing requirements. 

We do not believe a two day bodyguard course is enough to train a student to a competency level required to operate as a Close Personal Protection Specialist in today’s extremely competitive market.  As a student and future practitioner, you need to prove yourself worthy and capable of meeting the high standards your future employer is going to expect of you and a two day course will not give you the exposure to the necessary training to fulfill that expectation. 

At AOSG, we aim to teach our students to become highly skilled and qualified Close Personal Protection (CPP) officers that can operate both domestically and overseas in challenging and hostile environments by putting them through an intensive four week course that not only teaches them the skills to protect their principal, but to also provide advanced trauma medical assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

Combat medic courses or equivalent are almost mandatory skills to have to be considered for roles when applying for CPP positions in hostile environments. Even in Australia with the increase of terrorist related incidents, it is crucial a CPP officer has the skills and knowledge to competently provide advanced trauma medical care if required.

Due to the nature of some of the skills being taught, prospective students are vetted to ensure they do not have any criminal convictions and are not associated with any criminal or terrorist organisations before being accepted on the course.  Students must also hold a current manual driver’s licence for their state or country with a minimum of two years driving experience.

On the first day of the course, students are expected to pass a standardised fitness test before continuing the course.   This test consists of:


  • Level 8 on a beep test

  • 50 Push Ups

  • 50 Sit Ups

  • 7 Chin Ups



  • Level 8 on a beep test

  • 20 Push Ups

  • 30 Sit Ups

  • 4 Chin Ups


During our course, you can also expect to be assessed on your attitude, professionalism and commitment to ensure you continually meet our high standards as well as of those of any potential employer.

What separates our training team from the rest?

Our Close Personal Protection training team consists of experienced ex-Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) personnel with years of real world operational experience performing Close Personal Protection and Protection Security Detail operations overseas in hostile environments as well as experienced Australian law enforcement tactical operators and firearms instructors.

Our medical training team is comprised of a combination of serving New South Wales and Queensland Paramedics and ex- Australian Special Air Service Regiment personnel.

The quality of the training and the real world experience of the trainer can make all the difference, which is why you should choose AOSG for your next Close Personal Protection course. 

Course outline

Our four week intensive course is designed to prepare and train you to a very high level of competency and during the course you will experience and learn:

  • Advanced Trauma Management and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care training with multiple scenarios designed to prepare you for operating in dangerous and hostile environments.

  • Advanced Weapons Handling.

  • Driver Training and Tactics.

  • Tactical Movement and Formation Drills.

  • Route and Venue/Event Planning.

  • Self Defence Tactics and Weapon Retention Drills.


After the course, you will have the opportunity to conduct continuous training in the fields of para medicine and precision shooting under the continued guidance and tuition of our specialist medical and tactical training staff.

Course location

Our bodyguard courses are conducted on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and in Brisbane, Queensland Australia..  Accommodation is included in the course fees. 

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