Alternative Options Security Group

All your investigation and security requirements in one location

Licensed Australian security company with global reach 

Dedicated to serving local communities

Dedicated to helping others

Private Investigations

Our experienced process servers, factual investigators and surveillance specialists are available to serve legal documents and perform investigations and surveillance operations throughout Australia and overseas including private matters of infidelity, locating missing persons and debtors (skip tracing), fraud, major loss, due diligence and corporate investigations.

Security Guards

We provide experienced licensed and certified bodyguards,  crowd control officers and armed security guards as well as K9 (dog handlers) to protect organised events, personnel and property any where in Australia. Our cash in transit teams are on standby to protect your valuables during transit anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Security Training Courses

Our certified security RTO trainers can help you reach your security certification goals with certificate and diploma  level security courses, certificate level Investigation courses, advanced firearm courses and small boat training certification (coxswain). With first aid training and CPR re-certification we will ensure you maintain your annual proficiency  in compliance with your state's security licence obligations.

Computer and Network Security

Our team of computer security specialists can evaluate your existing network and personal computing security measures and offer solutions to improve and protect your personal information and sensitive data from invasive software including malware, spyware, viruses and hacking.

CCTV Installation 

We install CCTV security cameras and surveillance systems and offer monitoring services for domestic, government and commercial clients. Our specialists can advise and organise your home security to protect your loved ones and safeguard your possessions.

Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring

Want to keep track of your own vehicle or even a fleet of vehicles? Monitor driving time, productivity and be confident in the knowledge we are looking after your personal vehicle or your entire fleet of vehicles.

Hostile Environment Training

We offer specialist and tailored protection security detail courses run by our ex law enforcement and special forces operatives with years of experience operating in conflict zones for those security operators  wanting to take their skill set to a higher level and learn techniques to operate more effectively in hostile environments. 

Security Risk Consulting

Our ex military and law enforcement risk consultants have years of experience in providing risk management solutions to companies and governments in some of the worlds most hostile environments.  Let us provide that same quality of service and experience to you.

Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping is a common term used to describe electronic and manual search techniques used by experts to 'clean' or 'sweep' an area for unwanted listening and monitoring devices. Our specialists use some of the most advanced counter surveillance equipment available on the market and we are able to sweep your residence or business wherever you are in Australia.



Our vision is to provide security and investigation solutions to individuals, businesses and governments alike, whilst maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and ethical practices at all times.

We are a licensed Australian security company with service locations around Australia and a network of investigation agents throughout the world which allows us to provide the best service for our clients no matter where they are.

Our teams are highly trained security and investigation specialists who pride themselves on their professionalism, integrity and dedication to serving others.  With the Alternative Options Security Group, you can be confident we will do everything possible to satisfy your security, safety, training, and investigation requirements.



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