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Domestic Violence Security

Are you in a domestic violence situation and require protection? AOSG provides close personal protection, security and investigation services for high risk clients on the Sunshine Coast, in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. If you are under threat of harm whether it is at home, at work, in transit or during potentially volatile matters of domestic violence, property and/or child handovers, contact us now. We are here to help.

Before reading any further


 If you require urgent assistance, please call police on 000 (triple zero)

How AOSG supports victims of domestic violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence and need assistance in reporting the matter or advice on what to do, then you can contact AOSG and we will endeavour to do whatever we can to assist you. Domestic violence is not just subjected on women and children. Men are also victims of domestic violence. At AOSG we do not discriminate. 


  • AOSG can provide close personal protection officers (bodyguards) and other security solutions for you and your family; however, we must stress the police should be your first point of contact. The police should always be made aware of any threat or perceived threat directed at you or your family.


  • We provide close personal protection, support and security for high risk persons under threat of physical harm whether it is at home, at work, in transit or during potentially volatile matters of domestic violence, property and/or child handovers. 

  • Our bodyguards and security drivers are experienced protection specialists who come from a variety of security employment backgrounds such as law enforcement, military special operations and the private security sector.


  • If you are the victim of stalking, we can conduct surveillance on you to catch your stalker out. This is known as counter-surveillance. With the aid of video evidence, you can prove to police there is a pattern of behaviour that constitutes stalking or a breach of a condition in an existing Domestic Violence Protection Order. This evidence is admissible in Court and can assist police as well as your legal team to obtain a conviction.

  • If you think you are being spied upon electronically, our bug sweeping team can sweep your home, vehicle and phone for illegally installed malware, listening devices (bugs) and tracking devices.

Important crisis support links and contacts

Harm Prevention Solutions


  • Women:1800 811 811

  • Men: 1800 600 636

Uniting Care QLD

  • 07 3253 4000


  • 07 5430 9300

Queensland Government DFV Support

Important video instructional information on Domestic Violence and available legal services can be found on the Queensland Courts website at:

International Support Services

For those with family members living in the United States, United Kingdom or jurisdictions of the European Union, links to available local services can be found in the International Domestic Violence Resource Guide (2021) 

What constitutes domestic violence?

In 2012, Queensland made some major amendments to the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act.  One of those amendments was to include subsection (2) (h) - Unauthorised Surveillance under Section 8 of the act “Meaning of Domestic Violence” 


Unauthorised surveillance of a person means the unreasonable monitoring or tracking of the person’s movements, activities or interpersonal associations without the person’s consent, including for example, by using technology.

Examples of surveillance by using technology:

  • Reading a person’s SMS messages

  • Monitoring a person’s email account or internet browser history

  • Monitoring a person’s account with a social networking internet site

  • Using a GPS device to track a person’s movements

  • Checking the recorded history in a person’s GPS device


These actions constitute unlawful stalking under Section 359B of the Queensland Criminal Code.

Domestic violence includes:


  • Physical or sexual abuse—punching, hitting, choking, or threatening to punch or hit, forcing a person to participate in sexual acts, damaging someone’s property or threatening to damage property, including hurting or threatening to hurt pets.


  • Emotional or psychological abuse—stalking, repeated text messaging, making insulting comments, calling someone names, blackmailing or extorting, preventing contact with family and/or friends, controlling someone’s appearance, putting them down, threatening to expose their sexual orientation.


  • Economic abuse—denying, withholding, controlling or misusing money or property, or threatening to do so.

  • Threatening behaviour—saying things or acting in a way to make someone feel afraid, threatening to commit suicide or self-harm, stalking.

  • Coercive behaviour—forcing, intimidating or manipulating a person to do things they don’t want to do, such as sign a contract (e.g. for a loan) or a legal document giving another person power over their affairs (e.g. power of attorney).

What is considered a domestic violence relationship

Violence is considered domestic violence when any of the behaviours listed above take place in any of these relationships::


  • An intimate personal relationship—two people (regardless of gender) who are, or were, a couple, engaged, married, in a de facto relationship, the parents of a child or in a registered relationship (a legally recognised relationship between two people regardless of gender)

  • A family relationship—two relatives (by marriage or blood), including a child over 18, parent, stepchild, stepparent, brother, sister, grandparent, aunt, uncle, nephew or niece, as for some community groups, a person who is not related by blood or marriage but is considered a relative


  • An informal care relationship—one person who is, or was, depending on another person for help with daily living activities. (Note: It is not considered ‘domestic’ violence when a person is a paid carer under a commercial arrangement.)

 Domestic Violence Awareness Training


"While I was going through a horrendous domestic violence and family court battle, AOSG were there to help. Their surveillance teams uncovered critical information and a comprehensive report of their findings was presented in court. When it came to the family court hearings, AOSG even provided my family and I bodyguards to protect us. They were so organised and professional I felt safe and protected the entire time.  I cannot thank the AOSG team enough for their continued dedication and commitment over the last two years in support of my case. I would highly recommend the services of AOSG to anyone needing surveillance or security. Thank you!"

T ~ Sunshine Coast

"I can’t speak highly enough of the work of the team at AOSG. Timely, professional and discrete. One of the best going around!"

T.S ~ Legal, Sunshine Coast

“I suspected there was a breach of one of my social media accounts. I contacted AOSG and their cyber security team was able to fix my problem. Although it was small, they treated my case as a high priority. Thank you! I would recommend AOSG for any social media or cyber security issues”

 K.M - Brisbane

"The team at AOSG were extremely helpful in assisting a client involved in a protracted and complicated family law matter. As a corporate investigation company with a focus on international investigations and the travel insurance sector, AOSG provide a client-focused approach to their service delivery. We found AOSG to be professional and that they take all of their matters very seriously. We are very appreciative of their recent support and there surveillance work assisted in practically giving evidence to the Judge that was able to be viewed in the court room."

J.S legal - Sunshine Coast

I recently felt the need to engage the services of the AOSG team as I needed help with securing my privacy. I felt that my phone was being tapped and that potentially I was being tracked. AOSG were incredibly supportive and offered advice to secure up my devices. They are also able to check for breaches and bugging. I would highly recommend them.

Gympie - Sunshine Coast

“Where do you go when you need protection from the abuse of your own child?  I was feeling helpless and a bit foolish for getting into a situation where I needed protection.  But mostly, I felt scared and anxious.  I found AOSG’s website and called them, even though they are in Brisbane and I’m in Sydney.  They were fantastic and so supportive.  They quickly arranged security for me in Sydney and checked on me by text and email before and after the services were provided.  It was such a relief to know that I had someone in my corner to support me and protect me if needed.  I’m just so sad that anyone needs such services but when you do, I can highly recommend the services of AOSG."

B G - Sydney