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First Aid Training Sunshine Coast

AOSG in collaboration with our Sunshine Coast medical training partners at Rapid Response First Aid and SOTER International and our NSW first aid training company Freney First Aid, offer first aid courses of the highest calibre ranging from Basic First Aid courses to Tactical Combat Casualty Care training. We specialise in emergency medical treatment and first aid training courses with the experience of our medical teams and training companies delivering quality first aid training packages and services to the Sunshine Coast and Australia wide. Our first aid courses are tailored to our client's requirements and are included in our Travel Safety Awareness and Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses.


We provide onsite nationally accredited first aid training on the Sunshine Coast and Tactical Combat Casualty Care training (TCCC and TECC) Australia wide. 

First Aid Courses on the Sunshine Coast

AOSG takes first aid training to a new level. Forget the boring classroom lectures or the quick turn around first aid courses that are run on the Sunshine Coast that provide a certificate with no real training or learning objectives. Learn first aid as it applies to the real world. ​Come experience our interactive and immersive courses right here on the Sunshine Coast. We offer:

  • Nationally accredited first aid, advanced first aid and remote first aid training Australia wide

  • Intravenous and intraosseous access training

  • Advanced resuscitation and defibrillation

  • Internationally accredited TCCC/TECC training taught Australia wide

  • Provision of trauma response equipment suitable for all sectors

  • Trauma at heights training taught Australia wide

  • Domestic and international aeromedical evacuation and escort services

  • Non-emergency patient transport services


Our basic to advance first aid modules include:


  • HLTAID001– HLTAID008  - Basic first aid modules

  • PUAEME005A - Provide pain management

  • UETTDRRF06B - Perform rescue from a live LV panel

  • HLTWHS005 - Conduct Manual Handling Tasks safely

  • HLTSSOOO27 - Occupational First Aid Skill set

  • 22282VIC - Asthma Management (Advanced)

  • 22300VIC - Anaphlaxis Management (Advanced)

As part of their Workplace Health and Safety obligations, our clients often request complete medical trauma packs for use in their workplace.  We supply to order:


  • Large multi-purpose trauma packs with O2 therapy

  • Medium trauma packs

  • Fracture straps for patient immobilisation

NAEMT- TCCC and TECC courses

The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) was originally formulated by US SOCOM to ensure special operations forces units suffering casualties on the battlefield were able to respond with actions that provide the best casualty care consistent with the tactical environment and quality small unit tactics. 


With the exception of the medical component of our Close Personal  Protection and Hostile Environment Awareness Training  courses, we only deliver the registered Tactical Combat Casualty Care/Tactical Emergency Casualty Care course to specialist units deemed most ‘at risk’.  


These include but are not limited to:


Defence Industry Personnel, NSWPOL TOU, VICPOL SOG, QPS SERT, SAPOL STAR, WA TRG, NT TRG, TAS SOG, AFP ORG, Border Force Units; and relevant sub-units deemed by policing / defence industry commands to benefit from the methodologies of this course.


This advance training provides front line units with the ability to appropriately treat severely wounded personnel effectively, with consideration to their mission and threat environment, to international best practices.

Patient Transport and Evacuation Services

AOSG is a consortium of highly specialised companies whose primary focus is providing security solutions, medical training services and specialist medical transport services across all sectors within Australia.  Our trainers have extensive experience in delivering services that meet the strict specifications and quality assurances required by government agencies and private corporations.


Our clients benefit by using AOSG’s medical transport and training solutions because:


  • We provide industry wide competitive quoting though our vetted supplier companies

  • Our ex Australian Special Air Service Regiment TCCC/TECC trainer runs the only company in Australia currently providing an accredited Tactical Combat Casualty Care course originally formulated by US SOCOM outside the Australian Special Forces

  • We have the resources available to provide training solutions nationwide

  • Our clients don’t spend countless hours sourcing suitable suppliers and managing multiple service contracts because they have the confidence we provide that service for them

  • We proudly deliver our services from a business-focused point of view and can communicate effectively with clients at all levels from general staff, specialist tactical units through to company executives

Quality Standards and Acceditation

  • Indigenous owned first aid company

  • Australian sourced first aid manufacturers and suppliers

  • Nationally accredited training courses

  • Client privacy

  • Current Queensland Health practitioners

  • Current Queensland Ambulance Officers

  • Current New South Wales Ambulance Officers

  • Australian Governed Health Services Legislation and Practices

  • Australian and New Zealand College of Paramedics

  • National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians

  • National Security Association Australia