Welcome to our International partner's profile page. Our partners are dedicated to the security industry and have years of experience and knowledge in the law enforcement, military, security and investigations sectors to offer our clients.  

Veriton Security

Office Location: Hong Kong


Hong Kong



Chris is the managing director of Veriton Security and the lead investigator in Hong Kong for the Alternative Options Security Group.  


Prior to forming Veriton Security, Chris Wilson worked in a US-owned casino in Macau as the Director of Research and Investigations where he undertook Due Diligence research on potential clients, junkets, independent agents and business partners in support of the Corporate Compliance Program.  He was responsible for the conduct and management of all Corporate Internal Investigations.


Career Highlights:  Chris spent 35 Years with the Hong Kong Police including working in the Criminal Intelligence Bureau heading teams dealing with major armed and violent crime, kidnappings, burglary gangs, illegal immigration, smuggling and Triad personalities involved in gang activities.  For six years Chris oversaw the design, planning, development and implementation of all police facilities at the new Hong Kong International Airport and due to his extensive law enforcement experience and knowledge he was chosen to lead the Hong Kong police force’s elite Counter-Terrorism and Internal Security Division at Police Headquarters after the 9-11 attacks.

William Hu HUANG
UIC Associates

Office Location: Taiwan







South Korea


William is our chief representative and investigator for our partner company UIC Associates Ltd based out of Taiwan.  Prior to becoming an investigator,  William had an illustrious career in the military where he honed his skills in logistics, organisation, investigations and security operations. Following is a brief precis of his skills and qualifications:


R.O.C. Airborne Ranger, Army Captain

(Decorated & honorability discharge)

R.O.C. ARMY 401 Counter-Terrorism Unit, QRF



A.I.S.P.T.C (R.O.C)

Airborne Ranger Course, Instructor

ROC Counter Intelligence Course

Medical Affairs Division EMT1


ROC National Defense University 

Language Center - English Course



Bilingual Communication 

Small firearm weapon qualification

Close Protection Course

Force Recon / Counter-Terrorism Coordinator

Defense Driving qualification

Counter- intelligence / Investigation / Interrogation

EMT Level 1

Combat Medical skills.

 Paragon Investigations

Office Location: New Zealand


New Zealand

Pacific Islands

Ron is the director of Paragon investigations. and the Alternative Option Security Group's chief representative and investigator overseeing our operations in New Zealand and the Pacific.


With over 42 years investigation experience, he is regarded as the leading figure in the New Zealand professional private investigation sector.  For the past 34 years, Ron has worked tirelessly to promote and advance the PI industry and has been elected to serve for a total of 10 years as the Chairman of the Industry’s body NZIPI re-elected for a further term in November 2016. 


In that role Ron has made submissions to and presented at Parliament in regard to the Private Investigators legislation. He has also assisted the current Licensing Authority as a Court appointed expert dealing with complaints against investigators.  Ron's knowledge and experience in the investigation industry is why the Alternative Option Security Group sought him out to represent our interests in New Zealand and the Pacific.  Ron is a valued and most welcomed asset to our organisation.

Northwood & Associates

Office Location: Toronto



Mark NORTHWOOD  has been a licensed investigator for 34 years and has operated Northwood & Associates Inc since 1988.  He is the Alternative Options Security Group's chief investigation representative for our entire Canadian and Alaskan region. Mark specialises in corporate due diligence, intellectual property matters, background investigations, surveillance and insurance fraud.  His specific business lines of insurance fraud are:

  • Surveillance of disability claims

  • Investigation of fraudulent, contestable and non-contestable death claims, accidental death claims, missing persons, travel and medical claims.

NASIM R. Jafri
Sharp Investigations

Office Location: Pakistan


Subcontinent and the Middle East

NASIM R. Jafri is one of AOSG’s senior representatives for Pakistan and the Middle East. He is the Director of Operations for Sharp Investigations (Pvt) Ltd who utilises an ethical, specialised and methodological approach to investigations which has invariably made Sharp Investigations a leader of investigation services within the region. With a strong client focus, extensive investigative knowledge and an impressive array of achievements for successful investigations within the region, Sharp Investigations provides clients with the confidence that services will be completed efficiently, effectively and professionally.

Jafri provides investigation services throughout Pakistan with offices in Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore, Bahawalpur and Faisalabad. As an affiliate and partner of Sharp Investigations, AOSG is further able to provide highly qualified agents for investigation services in Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Our services for the region include:

  • Background Investigations

  • Corporate Investigations

  • Insurance Fraud and Intellectual Property Investigations

  • Due Diligence

  • Asset Searching and Skip Tracing

  • Debt Collection and Process Serving

Salvatore GRASSO
European Security Advisor

Office Location:



Salvatore GRASSO has a distinguished and accomplished career working within the security and law enforcement sectors within Australia and Europe.  Salvatore currently resides in Italy where he performs security consultancy, advisory and investigation services for AOSG as well as acts an organisational representative for the United Nations Italy Security Cell.

Throughout his education and working career, Salvatore has focused on the security and intelligence sectors making him a highly sought after international analyst and advisor within the industry. 

2017 - Hostage Taking Scenarios, United Nations International Labour Organization

2017 - Earthquake and Disaster Preparation, U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency

2016 - Psycholinguistics, New Intelligence

2015 - Leadership on the Frontline, Australian Federal Police

2015 - Country Security Manager’s Course, Burrill-Green Group

2014 to 2015 - AFP Law Enforcement Intelligence Phases I to V, Australian Federal Police

2014 - Level 2 and 3 First Aid – Occupational, St John Ambulance

2013-2015 - Investigation Standard Working Group Technical Committee Member, ASIS International

2013-2015 - Risk Assessment Standard Working Group Technical Committee Member, ASIS International

2013 - Advanced Security in the Field, United Nations Department of Safety & Security

2013 - Information Security Awareness Course, INTERPOL

2012 - Justice in Matters Involving Child Victims, UNODC and UNICEF

2011 - Intelligence Practitioner's Course, Victoria Police

2008 to 2010 - Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism, Macquarie University

2004 to 2006 - Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), University of Melbourne

As a law enforcement officer, Salvatore has worked as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst for the Victorian Police focusing on security and organised crime, a Security Consultant for Interpol and an Intelligence Officer with the Australian Federal Police.

He is a highly valued member of the Alternative Options Security Group providing effective and ethical security solutions for our clients throughout Europe.

Six Counties

Office Location:
​United Kingdom


United Kingdom

John Craig established Six Counties Investigations & Legal Services in 1994 and since then, Six Counties has grown to become one the United Kingdom’s premier investigation firms.


Six Counties Investigations & Legal Services prides itself on providing a cost effective professional, discreet and efficient service catering for clientele in the banking and finance sectors, legal sector, corporations and local governments as well as providing services for AOSG’s international clients requiring investigations conducted throughout the United Kingdom.

Our close partnership with Six Counties allows AOSG to provide clients with very cost effective and competitive services that includes process serving, surveillance, tracing debtors/missing persons, interviewing of suspects and witnesses for both criminal and civil matters, background/status checks, home/property visits, providing evidence for road traffic investigations, criminal defence, fraud investigations and repossessions.

John and his team are exceptional operators and specialists who are highly valued for their skills and expertise and their ability to provide coverage for the Alternative Options Security Group’s United Kingdom operations.

DPM Facilities

Office Location:
​United Kingdom


United Kingdom, Europe, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus 

RD Investigations and DPM Facilities have a long history of working together conducting Skip Tracing services for DPM Facilities clientele in the United Kingdom and Europe.  As an affiliated partner of AOSG, DPM Facilities provides on AOSG’s behalf, complete investigation solutions for our clients requiring services in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and Central Europe.

Michael Pettitt,the founder and director of DPM Facilities, is a retired British Police Officer with a meritorious policing career spanning thirty years. Michael specialises in internal investigations, with qualifications including an Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice (BTEC Level 7).

In 2001, he formed DPM facilities successfully adapting the skills and knowledge he acquired through his thirty year police investigative career to the private sector.

DPM Facility’s services for AOSG include but are not limited to:

  • Intellectual Property and Trade Mark Protection

  • Corrupt Employee Practices

  • Matrimonial Cases

  • Child Custody Disputes

  • Missing Person Enquiries

  • In-depth Employee Screening

  • Workplace Shrinkage Investigations

  • Diligence Enquiries

  • Fraud Investigation

  • Security Reviews (route to hub and end user distribution)

  • General Investigation Projects.

International Investigations HQ: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
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