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Do you suspect your partner is being unfaithful?

If you think your partner or your spouse is cheating on you, you must ask yourself why. What has changed? Although we live in a time of creature comforts and technology, we still have that one thing that acts as a warning to get us ready to enter fight or flight mode. Yes, you probably guessed it, our instincts. You would think that living for so long in the modern age our primal instincts would have dulled, but that is really not the case. We are just not as tuned into them as we once were, but we still feel them and we still rely on them.

That is probably why you are reading this article on catching out your unfaithful partner right now. Something has alerted you. Perhaps there are signs telling you something is not quite right with your partner and you now suspect your spouse or partner may be having an affair. We truly hope that is not the case, but we are here to help and hopefully provide you some peace of mind and give you some ideas on how to tell if your partner or spouse is cheating on you or not.

Hiring a private investigator to follow your partner around is going to cost you money, so it is important to think things through before making a decision. To help you to come to a more informed decision, we have listed some clues you may recognise that are found to be common amongst cheating partners. If you are seeing any of these signs without good reason, then we would suggest your instincts are working well and to consider seeking professional help from a licensed and reputable private investigation company.

16 tell tale signs of infidelity to look out for:

  • Constantly checking their phone and deleting messages before you can read them

  • Never leaving their phone out of their sight

  • A sudden change of behaviour in your partners daily habits

  • Edginess or snapping when you ask them about their day or night

  • Detaching themselves from their family members

  • Washing their own clothes as soon as they get home

  • Taking showers at times they never used to, or showering more often

  • Arriving home without smelling of their perfume, cologne or deodorant as if they just showered

  • Wearing perfume or cologne more than usual

  • Purchasing new clothes to wear to work or to see friends

  • Staying up later at night to use the computer

  • Sudden change in wanting to look after themselves and become fitter and healthier

  • Sudden and unusual derogatory comments about the way you look or behave

  • Unusual comments about friends or other people who have had or are having affairs

  • A change in their friend’s behaviour towards you as if they know something you don't

  • A sudden unexplained increase or decrease in sexual behaviour that just isn't like them

These are some of the more common warning signs to look out for. The best indicator is to follow your 'gut instinct'. Most likely you have lived with your partner for some time, so you will have an ingrained knowledge of their patterns and behaviours and the smallest change will trigger suspicion.

Of course, there could be a perfectly rational explanation for their change in behaviour, so throwing unfounded and unproven accusations at them that leads into a fight and feelings of distrust from both parties, might not be the best approach.

If it is important for you to learn the truth, to find clarity and peace of mind, then we highly recommend engaging the services of a private investigator to help you find the truth before confronting your partner. If you are thinking about conducting covert surveillance yourself and you do not have a valid private investigation licence, then we would strongly suggest you don’t. It is unlawful for an individual to conduct covert surveillance in Queensland unless they hold a valid security licence authorising them to conduct private investigations. If you conduct surveillance without having a valid Queensland security licence, it could be construed as stalking.

If your relationship becomes ‘messy’ as a result of your partners infidelity, then your ex-partner could later use the fact you ‘stalked’ them against you, either through future Family Court proceedings or by way of a Domestic Violence Order. This is why you need to use the services of a licensed professional private investigator. If you require a private investigation or any surveillance conducted for any matter that you suspect may, or is going to go to court, you should enter into a formal signed contract arrangement with your private investigator.

An investigation contract agreement can protect both you and your investigator. During the legal process resulting from a divorce or custody arrangements, solicitors or lawyers may wish to challenge all the information they have been presented with, so they can seek a better deal for their clients. Evidence of a lawful contract requesting surveillance conducted on your partner or spouse and their assets by a licensed private investigator or private investigation company will strengthen you position and prevent allegations of unlawful surveillance activity being conducted by yourself which can be very detrimental to you in the long run.

AOSG provides affordable investigation and surveillance solutions that are targeted, intelligence driven and tailored to your situation. That is why people across Australia and around the world choose AOSG to help them with their infidelity investigations. AOSG's investigation team are highly experienced licensed investigators with the skills and capacity to conduct covert surveillance and investigations professionally and discreetly with your best interests in mind.

AOSG is a local Sunshine Coast private investigation company. Although we are based on the Sunshine Coast, we have agents in every major city in Australia and in most countries around the world.

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