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Security Training Courses

AOSG, located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland is one of Australia’s fastest growing security training providers. The security industry in Australia is constantly changing, evolving and adapting. Incidences of terrorism that once only happened overseas, are now becoming a reality to everyday Australians and are happening on our very own shores. Our security and law enforcement communities are constantly changing and evolving their methodologies and practices to combat the increased rate in crime and the ever present threat of international and home grown terrorists committing atrocities within our communities.


Times have changed over the last twenty years in the security industry, not only in Australia but worldwide.  There is much greater policing of security legislation to ensure stricter compliance, transparency, ethical practices and accountability.  With the media focusing on the wars in the Middle East, it became apparent Private Security Companies and Private Military Contractors were replacing the world’s armies in the battle to maintain law and order and a semblance of stability to these regions by supplying much needed goods and services to affected communities and assisting volunteer and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) with aid and disaster relief. 

While there are security companies providing these services overseas, we at AOSG are focused on providing complete security solutions to the Australian community with a strong focus on security training to prepare our candidates for a rewarding career in the security industry.

Security Training

Our certified security RTO trainers can help you reach your security certification goals with certificate and diploma  level security courses, certificate level Investigation courses, advanced firearm courses, first aid training and CPR re-certification.

AOSG's registered training organisations (RTO’s) run regular security courses throughout Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania and offer certifications for all of the security and Business related courses below:

  • Certificate III in Investigation Services

  • Certificate II in Security (Crowd Control, Cash In Transit, Monitoring, Bodyguard, Batons and Handcuffs)

  • Certificate II in Aviation Protection

  • Certificate III in Security Operations

  • Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management

  • Diploma of Security and Risk Management

  • Advanced Diploma of Integrated Risk Management

  • Community Justice Services (JP and Comm Dec)

  • First Aid and CPR

  • Advanced Trauma Management

  • Certificate IV Work Place Health and Safety

  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment

  • Firearms Safety Courses Catagory A, B, C, D and H

  • Firearms Instructor Level 1 and Level 2

  • Security Firearms Recertification

  • Certificate I Business

  • Certificate II Business

  • Certificate III Business

  • Certificate IV Business

  • Diploma Business

  • Advanced Diploma of International Business

Course Locations

With training facilities across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania,let us help you achieve your learning goals to start a rewarding career within the security sector.

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Mailbox: PO Box 1418, Coolum Beach Queensland 4573

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