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If you are looking for reputable licensed private investigators in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast, then look no further because AOSG has got you covered. We don't just have private investigators in Brisbane. We operate all over Australia and the world with the assistance of our strategic international partner firms.

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You can feel confident our experienced  private investigators with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, surveillance, private as well as corporate investigations are there to help you. We are professional, discreet, competitively priced and proud of our exemplary client service. 

Our Services
Competitively Priced and Affordable

Sunshine Coast Private Investigator

Services for individuals

Services for businesses

  • Infidelity Surveillance

  • Missing Persons

  • Family Law Investigations

  • Process Serving 

  • TSCM (Bug Sweeping)

  • Property Investor Due Diligence  

  • Company Due Diligence

  • Skip Tracing

  • Work Injury Surveillance

  • Process Serving

  • Insurance Investigations

  • TSCM (Bug Sweeping)

Why hire a Private Investigator? 

A loose definition of a private investigator is a freelance private detective who works for private clients.  Our Brisbane private investigators are not government law enforcement employees; however, they may from time to time work for government agencies in an outsourced capacity.  

It is unlawful for an individual to conduct covert surveillance in Australia unless they hold a valid security licence authorising them to conduct private investigations. AOSG provides affordable private investigation and surveillance solutions in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and on the Gold Coast that are targeted, intelligence driven and tailored to your needs. That is why people across Australia and overseas choose AOSG to help them with their private investigations. AOSG's Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane private investigation team are highly experienced licensed private investigators with the skills and capacity to conduct covert surveillance and private investigations professionally and discreetly with our client's best interests in mind.

Who we have helped

For families and individuals, AOSG has helped:

  • Family members connect with missing loved ones

  • Spouses discover the truth about unfaithful partners

  • Mum's and dads find peace of mind during distressing family law and custody battles

  • Separated spouses serve divorce papers and other important documents

  • Rental owners concerned about the upkeep of their properties

  • Savvy property investors with their due diligence

For business and corporations, AOSG has helped:

  • Monitor suspicious work injury claims through covert surveillance 

  • Businesses concerned with staff stealing money and products from their stores

  • Companies with national and international interests to conduct due diligence for potential mergers and acquisitions

  • Investigate intellectual property theft occurring internationally

  • International and national businesses with document service Australia wide

Why people choose AOSG

  • We are a Brisbane and Sunshine Coast based private investigation company with agents Australia wide and throughout the world.

  • We are experienced, professional, ethical and discreet and genuinely care about our clients.

  • We offer affordable solutions to problems because our rates are highly competitive.

  • We provide no obligation free quotes for our services. When you contact us, we listen to your needs and tailor our services to work within your budget.

  • We maintain currency in all our licences and ensure anyone working for us is appropriately licensed.

  • We can provide solutions that suit your needs while hopefully reducing your expenses at the same time. We would like you to remember that your business is important to us and we are employed by YOU!


“I suspected there was a breach of one of my social media accounts. I contacted AOSG and their cyber security team was able to fix my problem. Although it was small, they treated my case as a high priority. Thank you! I would recommend AOSG for any social media or cyber security issues”

 K.M, Brisbane

"I can’t speak highly enough of the work of the team at AOSG. Timely, professional and discrete. One of the best going around!"

T.S ~ Legal, Sunshine Coast

“As a self-represented litigant in a protracted legal proceeding, I engaged AOSG for surveillance and documentation to accurately refute specific inaccuracies by the other party. The team at AOSG were able to quickly grasp my requirements, provide me with a reasonable quote and update me as they proceeded. The subsequent report was concise, the investigator was available to the courts for cross examination and I appreciated their knowledge, speed, accuracy, and professionalism”

L.M ~ Sunshine Coast

"While I was going through a horrendous domestic violence and family court battle, AOSG were there to help. Their surveillance teams uncovered critical information and a comprehensive report of their findings was presented in court. When it came to the family court hearings, AOSG even provided my family and I bodyguards to protect us. They were so organised and professional I felt safe and protected the entire time.  I cannot thank the AOSG team enough for their continued dedication and commitment over the last two years in support of my case. I would highly recommend the services of AOSG to anyone needing surveillance or security. Thank you!"

T ~ Sunshine Coast

"The team at AOSG were extremely helpful in assisting a client involved in a protracted and complicated family law matter. As a corporate investigation company with a focus on international investigations and the travel insurance sector, AOSG provide a client-focused approach to their service delivery. We found AOSG to be professional and that they take all of their matters very seriously. We are very appreciative of their recent support and there surveillance work assisted in practically giving evidence to the Judge that was able to be viewed in the court room."

J.S Legal, Sunshine Coast