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  COVID19 Update: We are pleased to announce our Travel Safety Awareness and Hostile Environment (HEAT) courses in Queensland are back up and running!!

Travel Safety Awareness Courses

Alternative Options Security Group (AOSG) hosts courses in Travel Safety Awareness and Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T) in Queensland, Australia. If you are in South East Queensland, we can bring our basic and advanced Travel Safety Awareness courses to your location. Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses are held at our training centres in Brisbane, Dalby, and at the Xperiences Outdoor and Corporate Activities range on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. AOSG's Travel Safety Awareness courses are specifically tailored to meet the needs of individuals, corporate travellers, government and non government organisations (NGO), humanitarian relief workers and journalists travelling anywhere overseas or to high risk, remote areas and conflict zones.

If you are an Australian business seeking to partner with international companies then we can help you manage your travel, export and import risks. AOSG is also registered as a Due Diligence and Security Risk Management provider with AUSTRADE (The Australian Trade  and Investment Commission). Before you travel overseas to conduct business, enrol in one of our Travel Safety Awareness or HEAT courses. As the world claws its way back from the economic crisis caused by the Global COVID-19 pandemic, we are expecting there to be an exponential increase in organised and opportunistic crime against 'soft' targets like international travellers and corporate executives. The Travel Safety and HEAT training team at AOSG can give you the skills to better protect yourself and minimise the risk of becoming a victim of crime. 

Select this link to visit our Austrade supplier page - AOSG - International Risk Management

Are you a charity, not for profit organisation or are you interested in booking courses for 10 or more people? If so, then further discounts apply to our already discounted course prices.

What can I expect to learn and experience on these courses? 

Organisations have a duty of care to ensure the safety and welfare of their employees and now there is no longer a need to travel outside Australia to attend first rate Travel Safety Awareness and Hostile Environment Awareness Training courses. AOSG courses are run by experienced military ex-special forces, law enforcement and paramedic trainers with years of experience protecting NGO personnel, aid workers and Australian government employees operating out of harsh and hostile environments. AOSG is a registered provider in first aid and trauma management training for federal government agencies and private organisations. Our courses will better prepare you for your next trip or deployment overseas and are an invaluable safety learning resource to supplement anyone's pre-travel preparations. 

We tailor our Travel Safety Awareness and Hostile Environment Awareness - HEAT Courses to our client's particular needs; however, there are elements common to most courses. At the end of our courses, students who complete the multiple choice exam, will be awarded a statement of attendance for completing the course to fulfill duty of care requirements.

Our courses cover:

  • Travel safe - trip preparations

  • Accommodation - counter surveillance, search techniques and maintaining security 

  • Know your environment - politics, religions, and up to date travel warnings 

  • Situational awareness and risk management 

  • Self defence and personal security

  • 4WD training 

  • Advanced First Aid (TECC)

  • Active shooter

  • Weapons familiarisation 

  • Communication equipment 

  • Immersive scenarios

Travel Smart Links

With sporadic acts of terrorism and a world wide economic crisis on the horizon, it is not always possible to predict where the next incident is going to occur. By being smart, you can take measures to minimise the risks to yourself when travelling like planning ahead, having some local knowledge of your destination and arming yourself with skills acquired through training. To help you on your way, we have provided a list of very useful sites for you to visit when you're planning your next overseas trip.  

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